If you’re looking for automotive ecommerce solutions you’re in the right spot. Picking an auto parts ecommerce platform that is fast, has a good customer experience and sells automotive products is a difficult process.

We put together a list of website builders and service providers to help you make the right decision for your next automotive ecommerce platform.

automotive ecommerce platform builderThanks for Hedges & Company for helping us put together this list of auto parts ecommerce solutions. We also have our own category of auto parts website developers on this website.

A list of auto parts ecommerce platform builders

These companies specialize in the automotive aftermarket or in the OEM parts market. This is not necessarily a complete list but can get you started. This list is in alphabetical order, with a phone number and a general price range for their services.

“A” automotive ecommerce platform builders

Admark, based in Florida, uses a proprietary Nebhub platform and does custom development. Besides Nebhub, Admark also does development work in PHP, .NET, Java, Node.js and Angular.js. Site costs can range from low to mid-range. Call them at (305) 595-4388. $-$$

Aftermarket Websites® by The AAM Group uses a proprietary automotive ecommerce platform created by The AAM Group. They manage Parts Pro, Performance Corner and Total Truck Centers buying groups. Site costs can range from low to mid-range. Reach The AAM Group and Aftermarket Websites® at (888) 251-4252. $-$$

Altos Digital uses open source including Shopify, Magento, Volusion, WordPress/ WooCommerce and other platforms. Site costs are mid-range. They build sites for aftermarket automotive or OEM parts and have a service to manage Amazon and eBay Motors parts listings. Reach them at (480) 656-4505. $$

American Eagle is a website developer with automotive experience although they do other industries, too. Site costs are mid-range. They work with Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress and other platforms. They do custom development work, web design and hosting. Contact American Eagle at (877) 932-6691. $$

Anzael uses a proprietary platform, and uses ACES and PIES product data. They offer custom development in WordPress, .NET and PHP. Anzael has a VCdb database tool for ACES XML files. Site costs are mid-range. Reach them at (888) 201-0804. $$

ari network services auto parts ecommerce providerARI has experience in the aftermarket, OEM markets and powersports. Site costs can be low-range. They have a proprietary platform for ecommerce. Contact ARI at (877) 805-0803. $

Auto Parts Shopping Cart is a proprietary platform, integrated with the ASAP Network, the SEMA Data Coop, DCi, Turn14. They work with aftermarket or OEM car parts. Site costs are mid-range. They have PIES and ACES importers and can do custom Excel data imports. They also do development, monthly leases are available, and they offer hosting. Their prices start at $350/month with a one year commitment. $$

“B” through “D” auto parts ecommerce platforms

BigCommerce is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. They have automotive sites but also work in other industries. They claim to have unlimited catalog software and options, and BigCommerce relies on partners for development work. Initial costs can be low but development work is extra. Reach them at (888) 248-9325. $ + development costs

cellacore auto parts ecommerce service providerCellacore uses BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify as their automotive ecommerce platform. Costs can range from mid- to high-end websites. Cellacore manages ACES and PIES product data. Call them at (813) 775-4109 and tell Tony we sent you. $$-$$$

Classy Llama works with Magento and BigCommerce to develop automotive ecommerce parts sites but they also work in other industries. They have solutions for Amazon automotive and eBay Motors. Reach them at (417) 866-8887. $$

Complete Web Solutions is the only developer on our list that works with Drupal open source software. They provide graphic design and web design and web programming. They use data from brands managed by ASAP and work with ACES and PIES product data. Call (719) 432-9415. $-$$

Convermax has year/make/model fitment software to assist consumers in locating the parts they need. Integrates with Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Magento, Shift4shop and others: (312) 721-4711. $$-$$$

Data Here-to-There offers a proprietary platform that integrates with all supplier, warehouse distributor (WD) and catalog software. (587) 989-3428. $-$$

DCi, owned by parent company ARI (listed above), launched the “SpeedShoppr” web platform for local automotive retailers, which uses their proprietary eStore CMS. They offer an affordable website solution. Call (515) 276-0442. $

Distribution Service Technologies (DST) builds OEM parts websites using their proprietary TurboParts ecommerce platform integrated with OEM parts data from Epicor. They have mid-level priced solutions. DST is an IBM Business Partner. (800) 700-4378. $$

DMS Systems Corp. has several services for the auto parts industry as well as heavy-duty, RV and marine. Services include eCommerce, EDI, inventory management, business intelligence and human resources. DMS is a Premier IBM Business Partner. (888) 985-2500 ext. 207. $$-$$$

“E” through “F” ecommerce platforms

EBIZPLATFORM is another proprietary platform serving the aftermarket, but they also have an API. Mid-priced websites. Offers a direct to consumer website platform, or an API to deliver data. They include hosting services and can be contacted at (877) 366-0200. $$

Epicor is a proprietary platform and the Epicor Parts Network connects to distributors. They use Epicor PartExpert data to populate websites and have experience with ACES and PIES. (800) 999-1809. $$

EtechGlobal is a proprietary platform for aftermarket parts that includes hosting. Low-price website solution. Reach EtechGlobal at (605) 339-4529. $

Contact eTool Developers for their proprietary solution to build websites. They use ACES data for year/make/model look up and they use a series of modules for their various web services. Ask for Luanne at (616) 803-0443. $-$$-$$$

FeedStation specializes in working with ecommerce sites with 50,000 to 5 million SKUs. They offer a proprietary ecomm solution with customized workflows. Reach them at (800) 975-9491‬. $$

Frooition uses BigCommerce to build automotive parts websites. They utilize aftermarket parts data through Parts Connect. They can be reached at (512) 831-7600. $$-$$$

“G” ecommerce platforms

GCommerce, based in Iowa, has a proprietary AutosoEZ platform that is compatible with ACES and PIES XML files. Costs can range from low to high depending on complexity. AutosoEZ integrates with multiple drop ship vendor distributors and it includes hosting services. Their platform gives customers ACES/PIES catalog management capabilities. Call them at (515) 228-5850. $-$$-$$$

Gearhead Commerce, as you can tell from their name, specializes in aftermarket websites, using a proprietary Echo website platform. Costs are low- to mid-range. Their parent company is E-Dreamz and they can be reached at (704) 716-3400. $-$$

Glendale Designs builds websites for aftermarket automotive parts on several different platforms, including the Miva SaaS platform, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and WordPress. Glendale will also provide web hosting services if you need it and they have solutions to manage your Amazon automotive or eBay Motors business. (623) 322 6066. $$

GravityShiftDIgital uses Magento 2, Shopify and WordPress/WooCommerce for their aftermarket websites. Costs are low- to mid-range. They works with ACES and PIES product data from the SEMA Data Coop and they have options to integrate with drop shipper inventory at warehouses so you don’t need to buy and store inventory. (800) 555-8888. $-$$

“I” through “N” platforms

iKnow eCommerce offers a proprietary iKnow platform with three package levels ranging from $199 to $599/month, including payment processing and hosting. We couldn’t find a phone number for them. $-$$

Illumaware has management tools to help maintain your own auto parts ecommerce site. Their solutions include Evokat Premier, ecommerce Catalog and Illumaware InSight. They’re experts at ACES and PIES automotive product data. They were acquired by eBay in August, 2022. You can reach Illumaware at (919) 341-1650. $-$$

InteractOne has experience in aftermarket automotive parts but they work in many industries, too. They use Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce. Site costs can be mid-level to expensive depending on what you need. Reach InteractOne at (513) 469-3345. $$-$$$

MAM Software builds websites using their own OpenWebs B2C plaftorm. They specialize in websites for tire wholesalers and tire retailers. Site costs can range from mid-level to expensive depending on what you need. (610) 336-9045. $$-$$$

Miva has an open source SaaS platform to build websites to sell automotive products but they work in other industries. Miva uses developers and lists them on the Miva website. You’ll pay for development. Questions? Call Miva at (866) 605-9890. $-$$ + development costs

MobileMonkeyMobileMonkey isn’t a web platform but instead, a rather useful chatbot platform by Larry Kim to help close sales on your site. Using OmniChat, which is a cross-platform automated chatbot tool to cover your own site as well as Facebook, you can improve your site’s conversion rate. Head over to their website and, you know, start a chat. $

myFitment is a subsidiary of data company Illumaware and is owned by eBay (see Illumaware above). They offer a service to manage Amazon and eBay Motors auto parts listings using their library of year/make/model automotive fitment data. They specialize in ACES and PIES data and a monthly subscription for Amazon or eBay Motors starts at $19. $-$$

Net Driven uses their own SaaS platform to build tire dealer websites, used car dealer websites and auto repair shop websites. Call them at (877) 860-2005. $-$$

OEConnection (OEC) builds OEM automotive websites and other types of OEM websites. They use the CollisionLink platform for collision parts; the RepairLink platform for repair parts; and the ConsumerLink Pro website platform for online OEM parts to consumers. OEC includes hosting services. You can reach them at (888) 776-5792. $$

“P” and “R” platforms

PartSites builds websites for OEM automotive parts using their own platform. They utilize EPIC automotive catalog software, and can build sites selling 42 OEM brands (makes). PartSites includes hosting services and they have software to help manage eBay Motors listings. Site costs are mid-range. (800) 915-3353. $$

Parts Square builds aftermarket websites using their own platform but they also offer an API to integrate into an existing website. Uses ACES and PIES product data. Sorry, we can’t find a phone number for them. $-$$

RevolutionParts, based in Arizona, uses a proprietary automotive ecommerce platform for automobile dealers. They use Motor data for 24 OEM brands including Acura, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, KIA, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Mopar, Nissan, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo. RevolutionParts includes hosting and turnkey websites, and they have software that helps manage your Amazon automotive and eBay Motors listings. They can be reached at (480) 525-5177. $-$$

RPMWare uses a proprietary website platform, and pulls aftermarket data from nearly 300 aftermarket manufacturers. Prices start at $399/month and no contracts are required. Credit card processing goes through FORTIS Payment Systems and RPMWare includes hosting services. (877) 776-9222. $-$$

“S” platforms

Shift4Shop (formerly 3dcart) specializes in aftermarket parts, using a proprietary platform. Site costs can range from low to mid-range. They also claim to work with open source platforms such as WordPress. The company also offers support for Amazon automotive. They also include hosting options and can be reached at (800) 828-6650. $-$$

Shopify is another SaaS website solution to build an aftermarket website. They offer three pricing tiers range from $29/month to $299/month, plus 30 cents per online transaction. They include hosting services and software to help manage your Amazon automotive or eBay Motors parts listings. No phone number, sorry. $$ + development

Shopping Cart Elite has a proprietary platform for aftermarket websites. They use ACES and PIES automotive data for parts with year/make/model lookup. Although they build aftermarket sites, they work in other industries, too. Three tiers of service levels and they charge a commission on your website’s sales volume. (800) 401-8296. $-$$-$$$

SimplePart is an OEM automotive solution, like so many developers on this list with their own proprietary website platform. Just for OEM replacement automotive parts, they work with more than 12 OEM brands including brands like Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota & others. SimplePart includes hosting and they can be reached at (888) 843-0425. $$

Sophio is at proprietary platform that claims to use data from 1,000 aftermarket and OEM brands. They work with many automotive data integration partners and can provide hosting services. Reach them at (888) 563-2591. $-$$

SureDone is a proprietary platform that is integrated with DCi automotive catalog software (DCi is listed above as a website provider, too). They work with aftermarket and powersports ecommerce retailers and they include hosting services for your website. (877) 773-6755. $-$$

WebShopManager ecommerce platform

“V” through “X” platforms

Veloxigo offers a SaaS ecommerce platform, with integration into SEMA Data, DCi data and other custom imports of product data. Reach them at (833) 859-3663. $$-$$$

Web Shop Manager has been around for over 20 years. They use a proprietary platform, integrated with DCi data and the SEMA Data Coop, but WSM sites also accept custom data imports and are used by some retailers or manufacturers with private label products. Web Shop Manager utilizes ACES and PIES product data. They build automotive websites and powersports ecommerce retailers as well as the retail laundry industry and entertainment industry. Call (619) 278-0872 and ask for Dana. $-$$-$$$

Web Link Solutions Corp. provides their proprietary WebLink platform. They integrate with Epicor, WHI eCatalog, ShowMeTheParts and SSF Import Parts. (866) 296-1977. $

X-Cart is a proprietary platform for aftermarket automotive sites with a year/make/model plugin that sells for $295. Ask them about it at (800) 657-7957. $-$$

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