An independent analysis of automotive industry reports for sale recently compared automotive market research reports offered for sale by various automotive market research companies. These reports compare and project the industry outlook for the global auto aftermarket industry.

It seems more and more market research reports are available for sale to the public. As a service to our aftermarket readers we compare published revenue numbers and projections from market research companies. Facts shown are from publicly-available press releases and company websites. Market research report prices are taken from company websites when available. editors are periodically updating this information. No confidential information has been divulged for this report review.

The ‘official’ automotive aftermarket industry size

The aftermarket industry’s most respected source for industry size is the Auto Care Association from their annual Factbook. It’s the “gold standard.”

It’s worth noting that the most recent Factbook puts the United States aftermarket industry at just over $370 billion for automobiles and light trucks (2023), plus just over $123 billion for medium- and heavy-duty. That’s nearly $500 billion for the US aftermarket in 2023, in contrast to the reports available below, some of which have the global aftermarket smaller than the US aftermarket.

Companies offering aftermarket research reports:

All dollar amounts in the table below are U.S. dollars.

Research CompanyGlobal Auto Aftermarket (Current)Global Auto Aftermarket (Outlook)Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)Research Report Price
Auto Care AssociationOver $510 billion (2023, US not global)Over $530 billion (2025, US not global)7.0% + (2019-2024, US not global)$2750, free to members
Allied Market Research$438.7 billion (2021, global)$828.2 billion (2031, global)6.2% (2022-2031)$3456 (online version)
The Business Research Company$331.21 billion (2021, global); $346.37 billion (2022, global)$606.66 billion (2026, global)15.04% (2022-2026)$4000 (Starting price)
Fortune Business Insights$392.35 billion (2020, global)$529.88 billion (2028, global)3.8% (2021-2028)$4850 (Single user license)
Grand View Research$427.51 billion (2022, global)$589.1 billion (2030, global)4.0% (2023-2030)$5950 (Individual license)
Global Market Insights$560 billion (2021, global)$857.29 billion (2028, global)6.4% (2022-2028)$5150 (Individual license)
Precedence Research$751.6 billion (2022, global$1.167 trillion (2030, global)5.49% (2022-2030)$4900 (Single user license)
Report Linker$438.8 billion (2020, global)$562 billion (2027, global)3.6% (2020-2027)$5800 (1 user license)
Persistence Market Research$548 billion (2022, global)$576.5 billion (2026, global); $984.7 billion (2033, global)5.5% (2023-2033)
Straits Research$406.32 billion (2021, global)$551.92 billion (2030, global)3.38% (2022-2030)$4250 (Starting price)
Verified Market Search$407.46 billion (2021, global)$552.91 billion (2030, global)3.46% (2023-2030)
Market Research FutureNot shown on websiteNot shown on websiteNot shown on website$4950 (Single user license)

Companies represented in this analysis include Allied Market Research (AMR), The Business Research Company, Fortune Business Insights, Global Market Insights, Grand View Research, Market Research Future, Persistence Market Research, Precedence Research, Report Linker, Straits Research and Verified Market Research. Note that is not affiliated with any of these companies other than providing the information here as an industry service, and does not endorse any of these market research reports, nor can we vouch for the accuracy of these market research reports. bases our various analyses and statistics on the Auto Care Association’s annual Factbook, published every June.


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