According to the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA Canada) the Canadian automotive #aftermarket hit a record C$21.6 billion/US$16.4 in 2018 according to @AIAofCanada Click To Tweet aftermarket parts in Canada reached a record C$21.6 billion/US$16.4 in 2018. This represents a 6% increase over 2014, when the aftermarket was C$20.4 billion/US$16 billion. It is a 1.4% increase from 2016, when the aftermarket in Canada was C$21.3 billion/US$16.4 billion. (All Canada/US dollar equivalents are using the June, 2019 exchange rate).

There are over 4,600 auto parts & accessories retailers and over 23,000 auto repair and maintenance business locations in Canada. Most Canadian auto repair businesses, over a third, are located in Ontario, followed by Quebec.

Retail sales of aftermarket auto parts reached C$3.0 billion/US$2.36 in the do-it-yourself (DIY) market in 2015, the second highest recorded figure in five years. The Canada DIY market has had 1.1% average annual growth since 2011. However, the DIY market has been outpaced by the Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) parts market. The DIFM market grew an average of 3.6% per year over the same period.

The automotive DIY market in Canada is approximately 14% of total retail sales and with the growth pace of the DIFM market that share will continue to shrink over the next several years.

Aftermarket parts in Canada imports/exports

The overall value of Canadian automotive (vehicles and auto parts) imports from the United States increased by 6 percent in 2016. That includes a 9.6% increase in automotive parts imports and a 5.8% increase in total motor vehicle imports. In 2016, the total value of Canadian imports value of vehicles from the United States (cars, medium and heavy duty trucks) totaled C$42 billion/US$33.7 billion, including a 9.3% increase for light vehicles imports offsetting an 11.9% decrease in medium and heavy duty truck imports. Canadian automotive parts imports totaled US$30.1 billion/C$38 billion in 2016 (source: US International Trade Administration).

Canada Vehicles in Operation (VIO)

Canada’s robust aftermarket is partially due to strong light vehicle sales over the past several years. 1.9 million vehicles were sold in 2015, up 2.6% from the 1.85 million sold in 2014. The most popular vehicle type is CUV, which recently replaced compact cars as the most popular. On the other hand, kilometers driven has been slightly declining, according to Transport Canada. As of July 2016, there were 26.3 million light vehicles in operation in Canada, increasing at an annual average of 2.9% per year since 2007. The light vehicle fleet is expected to grow to 29.9 million registered vehicles by 2021 (source: US International Trade Administration).

The automotive industry in Canada employs nearly 400,000 people.

According to AIA Canada the average age of a light vehicle in Canada is 9.6 years. That is newer than the average vehicle in the US, which is over 11.5 years old.

Canada automotive parts exports

Here are some example statistics showing exports of auto parts from Canada.

NAICS 326193 - Motor Vehicle Plastic Parts Exports (2017)Shown in C$Shown in US$
United StatesC$2,025,628,390US$1,551,631,347
United KingdomC$20,526,222US$15,723,086
United Arab EmiratesC$585,734US$448,672
France (incl. Monaco, French Antilles)C$368,644US$282,381
Saudi ArabiaC$84,294US$64,569
All other countriesC$16,166,892 US$12,383,839
Grand totalC$2,179,964,000US$1,669,852,424
NAICS 336110 - Automobile and Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Exports (2017) Shown in C$ Shown in US$
United StatesC$56,997,726,006US$43,660,258,121
United Arab EmiratesC$85,938,245US$65,828,696
Saudi ArabiaC$53,932,171US$41,312,043
France (incl. Monaco, French Antilles)C$12,970,396US$9,935,323
United KingdomC$12,902,314US$9,883,173
Sub-Total: Top 10C$58,833,258,863US$45,066,276,289
All other countriesC$342,484,137US$262,342,849
Grand totalC$59,175,743,000US$45,328,619,138

For more information visit AIA Canada.

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    North America accounts for the most significant region in the automotive aftermarket and is closely followed by Europe and the Asia Pacific. With over a third of the global share, North America is a major contributor to the market with high sales of premium and luxury vehicles which require careful maintenance and upkeep.